Friday, August 21, 2009

java based content rendering library

java based content rendering library

the java based content rendering library available are

  • PDFRenderer
  • ICEpdf
  • JPedal
  • Ghostscript to convert PDF->PS, then print with javax.print.*

ICEsoft has released ICEpdf, their pure-Java PDF library and rendering engine under the MPL open source license.

java based content rendering library -

ICEpdf is a lightweight open source Java PDF rendering library that can be easily integrated within any Java server-side application (headless mode) as a PDF servlet (JSP or JSF). ICEpdf provides PDF rendering and content conversion and extraction capabilities to any Java application, without the hassles of Java-to-native integration issues.

java based content rendering library - library

In support of the release of ICEpdf, ICEsoft is also launching a new community website, The site provides forum support for community users, demos, as well as user documentation and other product related information.

ICEpdf is available for immediate download:

See ICEpdf in action:

Read the press release

My primary concern is printing a PDF file to a printer. The other features like displaying, PDF modifications, ... are nice-to-have.

All libraries promise similar features, but I'm afraid that when I choose one I might encounter problems when it is to late.

  • What are the pros and cons of each library above?
  • Are there other/better alternatives?
Ans : You might think that Java would support PDF printing out of the box, but I couldn't get it to work with the print API until I switched to pdfrenderer. The blog post here ( has some code for using pdfrenderer with the Java Print API which worked for me. It also has a comment of kind-of-support from iText author Bruno Lowagie.

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