Friday, August 21, 2009

urvashi dhanorkar

urvashi dhanorkar

this is the no1 position of google trends , but hardly any even knows who "urvashi dhanorkar" , harly there is just connect.insite whichs the name "urvashi dhanorkar" but there is no info about urvashi dhanorkar except her name , i shall update you soon as i find info on urvashi dhanorkar check back in after some time

here it is "urvashi dhanorkar

The case of Mumbai TV actress Urvashi Dhanorkar, who was arrested on the charges of Child Abusing Act, is an eye opener for the state government.

The government should enforce stringent child abuse law to tackle the rising number of child abuse in the state.

However, Mahararashtra Labour Minister Nawab Malik has said that strict action would be taken against the actress. He said that the will be punished for her act and maid will get the justice. Malik also directed the ministry to look into the matter.

Urvashi Dhanorkar, who brought a minor girl in pretext of adoption and education, kept the 10-year-old captive and physically abused her.

The matter was surfaced last night when one of the neighbours found the girl in critical condition. With the help of other members of the society, she informed the nearby police station and lodged a complaint.

Following the complaint, the police rescued the girl form Raheja Classic Society, Andheri in Mumbai.
The actress roughed up the minor maid just for eating some food from the refrigerator. The actress also held her captive for more than a week without food.

The girl was brutally tortured and burnt by the actress.


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Anonymous said...

Urvashi is a TV actress in India who has been accused to abusing her maid who is also a minor. She apparently threw boiling water on her.