Thursday, August 13, 2009

kaminey movie review | kaminey hit or flop

kaminey movie review | kaminey hit or flop

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kaminey movie review - The best movie of 2009 !!!

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the very antisipated movie of bollywood "kaminey hindi movie" will release tmro june 19th, you can get the " kaminey movie review " from various bollywood portals here. keep checking this page for kaminey film review. as we there are lots of movies releasing as due to the stike by bollywood producers had stocked up many movies for release so read the kaminey review before making your decition , check out this page to c if kaminey movie hit or flop

story of kaminey movie

A story about identical twins, in their early twenties, hoping to leave the squalor behind and move into a life of prosperity and dignity. But the similarity ends here. Inter cut between are the parallel stories of the brothers as they run to protect themselves, their dreams and their loves. Until a point where it converges and the brothers meet to realize that they only have each other.

kaminey movie review by times of india

toi rating of kaminey - kaminey
Rating: Kaminey

Dhan Te Nan! It's time to sound the bugle for Bollywood's first film which is full of brains, brawn and belligerence besides being a bravura

Still from Kaminey

attempt to rewrite the tried and tested idiom of desi movielore.

Yes, Kaminey is a smart and balsy film that brings Hollywood to Bollywood, reminiscent of the adventurism of Quentin Tarantino's action thrillers which catapult the viewer into the dark, violent world of crime and criminals, leaving you no time to blink or breathe easy.

More importantly, Kaminey is the first film which also credits its viewers with some intelligence. It demands your unbridled attention from the word GO and allows you to sit back only at your own peril. For if you aren't attentive and intelligent to figure some things out yourself, specially in the first half hour, you might be missing the twists in this sassy tale of twin brothers who end up hating and loving each other, all in a frenetic 24-hour time span. Of course, director Vishal Bhardwaj does tell it all gradually, but he presumes you'll solve the jigsaw without much of spoon feeding. And therein lies the power of Kaminey. It teases you with its smartness and constantly challenges you to keep pace with the breathless tenor of the drama that unfolds through fast cuts, dizzy hand-held camera angles and a dark, brooding ambience. Watching Kaminey is like sitting on the edge of a volcano which can explode any time. And explode it does!

kaminey movie review by india times -

It’s a bad bad world out there where there are no good or gray characters... only Kaminey.

This dark crime-drama plays in two parallel narratives which, at the onset, are as unrelated as twin brothers Guddu and Charlie (Shahid Kapoor) in the film. The siblings are not separated at birth but care a damn for other after their father’s death alienates them. But as things get mean and mad for both, each one comes for the other’s rescue. Guddu is in love with Sweety (Priyanka Chopra) who is sister of aspiring politician and fundamentalist Bhope (Amol Gupte). Charlie is entangled between chest filled of cocaine and his lure for few crores. As these two stories intersect each other, things become more intense and interesting.

On second thoughts the narrative of Kaminey dominated by gang-war and drug mafia doesn’t sound absolutely innovative. But Vishal Bharwadwaj applies a complete different language of cinema to make the film look fascinating. The writing is erratic as it enters late into every scene and makes an early exit. The story-telling involves a multitude of characters, none of them being conventionally introduced or established. You are expected to acclimatize with each of them on your own and learn their conflicts, as the story progresses promptly.

kaminey movie review by sify

To cut it short, Kaminey is a film with an attitude. Like it or leave it, but you'd never be able to ignore it. Word from the wise: Go for this hatke experience!

Kaminey is about a pair of twin brothers, Charlie and Guddu [Shahid Kapoor]. Charlie lisps, while Guddu stammers. They are as different as chalk and cheese. And they can't stand the sight of each other. Till one fateful rainy night, their lives cross.

Charlie gets mixed up in a deathly get-rich-quick scheme, while Guddu realises that the love of his life, Sweety [Priyanka Chopra], has unwittingly put a price on his head. The brothers are sucked into a world of drugs, guns and money.

kaminey movie review by ndtv

Kaminey is the best Bollywood film I’ve seen this year. It’s an audacious, original rollercoaster ride. Written and directed by Vishal Bharadwaj, Kaminey requires patience and attention but the pay off is more than worth it.

Kaminey is about Charlie and Guddu, twin brothers played by Shahid Kapoor, both of whom suffer from speech impediments and who can’t stand the sight of each other. Charlie, who pronounces S as F, is a small time gangster. Guddu, who stammers, is a mousy NGO worker. Guddu’s life plans, chalked out until 2014 on a chart stuck in his cupboard, are wrecked when he impregnates Sweety,

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Anonymous said...

The film is great. But not even one of them knows acting very well.Specially Shahid Kapoor.

Anshul said...

kaminey is just kaminey hit
what a movie dude
awesome to see priyanka nd sahid

Anshul said...

gr8 movie
especially shahid
dhan te nan hit

Vivek Soni said...




VIK said...




Milind said...

Kaminey is a awesome piece of work. Great acting by Shahid and priyanka. IT was actually fun to watch , probably best of 2009 from bollywood!!

Stranger said...

i think those who rated this movie best and hit and they like it, have never seen good movies till yet
the worst movie i have ever seen, nothing much in this movie..
i confess that i have wasted my precious time

Anonymous said...

the most faltuest movie....confusions..n confusions...ul not get to know whos the member of which gang...dont y all r lieng n telling it good.......DONT WATCH IT IF U WANA SAVE UR TIME....

Anonymous said...

movie's ok,poor first half bt latr on it catchs some kind of attention

Anonymous said...

Kaminey is the best movie to come out of bollywood in 2009 compared to crappy shitty releases like kambakht ishq which make u wonder how retarted some film makers can be and how horrible actors could act....Shahid is awesome...he improves by leaps and bounds with each movie...priyanka looks good too...great story and to all those idiots who havent understood the movie..its coz ur too dumb...this is an intelligent movie...

Anonymous said...

I feel happy when I think of a particular set of filmmakers of Contemporary Indian Cinema, the way they are changing the language of cinema is indeed profound! Much Entertainment but at the same time, also Art...!! Truly demanding of a viewer in every respect, doesn’t let you sit laid back... Kaminey is an intense experience!

It needs courage to mock at once own self & the family that is my own Indian Cinema & Vishal shows truckloads of it! The way he uses the twin brother story in a completely Non-heroic, Unconventional manner is indeed human & touching! They are humans like us all, full of flaws & incompleteness! Also it is interesting to see when they swap the roles given to them by their destinies & become like the other... Guddu adopts the darkness of Charlie for a while & Charlie becomes fairer as the cinema progresses...

Also use of Guitar as a Central Device – a hippie instrument– an instrument which carries everybody’s dream in the film but eventually comes only to the twin bros – the tramps! It signifies invariably that the Dream belongs to the duo and no to the lusty world of gangsters!

Also the last gangwar sequence is supported by a melody, a song in stead of some ‘dhishum dhishum’ loud background score; it says a lot about directorial vision – Music brings the Unreal element on the surface... and it is amazingly shot that the Gangsters trivialize themselves & by trading their own Dream - when actually it is a matter of only One bullet, Yet they go out for this substance-less ‘Sale”! This is precisely the difference between the Gangsters & the Protagonists –the duo chases their Dream but never trades it!

Also, I feel Indian Mind IS Musical & it indulges in Music for any and every occasion... Music truly foregrounds Kaminey... For instance, as we approach the scene between the cop and Guddu in jail custody, where Guddu can communicate his mind only when he sings...  Language & especially Prose has its own pressure & power on us... whereas Music frees you in certain way... Guddu can speak only when he can observe this freedom...

Repeated use of words Matki & Matka is significant as to me it suggests the impermanence & uncertainty of life... Especially of the life of the underworld...!! Similarly the song Dhan ta daan... is also nothing else but the reflection & in a way an ironic celebration of our own internal & external chaos!!

The beauty of this film is one can never impose one single/gross meaning on it… it revolves more around the content & the suggestion which is the very idea of any Art itself that it doesn’t bind you to one single meaning but opens in front of you a horizon of possibilities & layers of suggestions..

Many more observations my mind is full of about Kaminey like the taking of the film, technical brilliance, humanness of the characters... Integrality of Music, Wonderful Casting, use of Images like Ghost-Masks while rendering Anti-Aids ( A ghostly disease ) Campaign Song & so on & on… But to conclude for now I would say Kaminey manifests my own Grayness & much, much more! I am going to watch it again! :O))