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swine flu news in india

swine flu news in india

Hi people the latest info related to swine flu news in india is here.. swine flu news in india can be viewed from following links below . you can also see the swine flu news in india in the official website site1 if you got any questions reg swine flu news in india comment below. links to swine flu news in india here below . you just have to navigate through the links for swine flu news in india.

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swine flu news in india - times of india

37-year-old Archana Kolhe died of swine flu in Pune on Thursday at around 3.45 pm, becoming the 13 th victim from

Swine flu
Passengers wear protective masks as a precaution against swine flu at Bhopal railway station. (PTI Photo)
the city and 21 st across the nation. ( Watch Video )

Kolhe died at Punes Shri hospital today, TV reports said.

Earlier, a 26-year-old woman died of the viral disease at a hospital in Bangalore on Thursday, becoming the 20th victim in the country. ( Watch Video )

Rupa, 26, was admitted to St. Philomena hospital with H1N1 symptoms on Sunday.

Earlier, an eleven-month-old boy and a 75-year-old woman died in Pune, taking the toll in Pune, severely hit by the virus, to 12 and across the country to 19. ( Watch Video )

swine flu news in india - ndtv

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), H1N1 pandemic flu is spreading in India, Thailand and Vietnam with the onset of Asia's monsoon season.

But transmission of the new virus appears to have peaked in parts of the southern hemisphere including Argentina, Chile, Australia and New Zealand.Some 1,77,457 cases of the novel influenza commonly known as swine flu, including 1,462 deaths, have been officially reported worldwide, but the true number of infections would be much higher.

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Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Swine flu (Swine influenza) is very serious flue. If you are not treated with in 48hrs of getting infected, no one can cure you.

I have seen the situation in RML, delhi.
In last 15 days, there were aprx 20 deaths from swine flu ICU ward.

No one is ready to take the responsibility of treating the people in ICU ward. From the 1st day, doctors will say that this case is very critical.

If its so critical, why goverment is not making public aware of Swine flue.

I have seen young people loosing their lives.

Please be carefull with any flu/fever/cold etc.