Monday, September 28, 2009

ampa skywalk mall

ampa skywalk mall situated at the junction of nelson manikkam road and poonamalle high road has kept everyone curious for the last 4 years and finally time to take a peek at the ampa skywalk mall.

ampa skywalk mall has started today.the mall will be home to chennai's first hypermarket,star bazaar,occupying a whopping 56,000 sq ft.ampa skywalk mall is a 3,00,000 sq feet mall and has all the facilities n it.

the plan of ampa skywalk mall

in addition to the star bazaar the ampa skywalk mall has also got shops like McDonald's, KFC, Giordano, Titan, Benetton, Levis, Baccarose, Nike, Dockers, Van Heusen, Wills Lifestyle, Bossini, Adidas, Reebok, Planet M, Bose, Biba, Mustard and Louis Philippe, landmark and is also common that the giant cinema group,pvr cinemas,makes it entry into the chennai market with seven screens in the ampa skywalk addition to it the ampa skywalk mall will have its first 20,000 sq ft food court including many international food chains like mcdonald's and thank god,its friday(TGIF-the first in chennai).in ampa skywalk mall there is also an open to air central artrium,with a bridge arching 80 feet above and across,linking the ticketed and non-ticketed lobbies of the ampa skywalk mall cinemas.this bridge is a striking visual feature known as the skywalk,lending its name to the ampa skywalk mall.

the ampa skywalk mall also boasts of extraordinary safety and traffic addition to the space design,there are seven fire exists including a fire ramp,which is also open to the sky.hence it will never become too smoky in case of an of the main highlights of ampa skywalk mall is the parking facility at the mall,with one of the highest ratios of parking space to retail space in the city.there are 14 parking levels,with four automated ticketing booths for cars and two automated booths for two wheelers.the design is such that there will never be a spillover of cars onto the road blocking traffic,unless there is an excess of 100 cars wauting to get in.

but ampa skywalk mall does not start the cinemas today.only the stores there start functioning from today.the stores in ampa skywalk mall offer lot of discounts an the acount of inaugration.

ampa skywalk mall is expected to be fully functional before deepavali.

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