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whats your rasheemovie review- hit or flop

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the very antisipated movie of bollywood "whats your rashee hindi movie" has release today sep 25th, you can get the " whats your rashee movie review " from various bollywood portals here. keep checking this page for whats your rashee film review. as we there are lots of movies releasing as due to the stike by bollywood producers had stocked up many movies for release so read the whats your rashee review before making your decition , check out this page to c if whats your rashee movie hit or flop

story of whats your rashee movie

Chicago boy Yogesh Patel (Harman Baweja) is called to Mumbai urgently. He arrives expecting to find his father in hospital. However, it’s all a set-up. Due to heavy financial loss on the stock market, the family has to return a huge amount to a local bhai.

Since Yogesh is to inherit some ancestral property on his marriage, his unscrupulous family pressurises him to set a date in 10 days. As a result, he has only 10 days to find a bride.

Finding it impossible to make this huge decision in a matter of days, Yogesh chances upon a book on star signs, and decides to meet a girl from each raashee. His uncle (Darshan Jariwala) who owns a swanky marriage bureau sets up the meetings and shows an appalled Yogesh the girls’ photographs with the dowry rates offered.

whats your rashee movie review
by indiatimes

There are dollops of humour in the writing and Hurman’s perfect timing complements the antics of Priyanka’s characters. But at many instances, the gag is simply stretched or falls flat. The supposed spoof song (on reincarnation) almost seems as if in a serious shade. The climax recap song is smartly edited and another number Maanunga Maanunga (though with a Love Story 2050 hangover) is imaginatively choreographed. Some characters seem to be designed differently out of deliberation (like a jeweler father) while the end is so conveniently resolved that it makes you wonder if there was any cash-crisis to start with.

Priyanka Chopra is expressive in each of her characters though some are just too shallow and repetitive. She glides effortlessly into each avatar switching her body language, dialect and performance very smoothly and is beautiful in, both, her appeal and act. Hurman Baweja has a comfortable screen presence and a compelling connect with the viewer. Rajesh Vivek is still in the Lagaan hangover. Darshan Zariwala hams it up every now and then.

The mystery on who will Yogesh marry in the end doesn’t hold much thrill as he himself isn’t certain of his choice. He is confused with most options open till the end. The viewer is exhausted for the exit door is still closed.

Still from whats your rashee

whats your rashee movie review
by sify

What’s Your Raashee? displays characters with startlingly low morals-extra-marital affairs and dowry are brushed aside as humorous everyday happenings. True, that in its light-hearted manner, the film takes pot shots at the dowry system-suggesting the boy selling himself to the highest bidder-and also comments on the ignored ambitions of girls who are put out in the marriage market too soon. But is it really necessary to put the protagonist, who refuses dowry, on a high pedestal throughout the film?

Priyanka Chopra (looking alarmingly thin) is a dazzling performer and makes you crack up, especially in her rendering of the Aries and Pisces signs. She carries the film ably on her shoulders, giving a fun and uninhibited performance.

Harman Baweja as the well-mannered NRI is suitably sweet. Dilip Joshi as Yogesh’s older brother, who is perennially doing the wrong thing with a ‘it’s just business, don’t mind’ attitude, is supremely funny.

whats your rashee movie review by ndtv

Priyanka is one of Bollywood’s most compelling heroines but Raashee gives her 12 roles with very little meat. Her comparatively short turn in Kaminey left a greater impact than all of these girls put together. Also, there is little plot movement in What’s Your Raashee.

Only characters and interactions carry this story. When that becomes shaky, the pace, burdened with too many songs and some feeble comedy, goes into slow motion. And you are so exhausted that you can barely keep track of the girls or their sagas or why Yogesh does or doesn’t like them. Moreover, this entire exercise swirls around Harman who seems sincere enough but simply doesn’t have the screen presence or the acting chops to pull it off.

Ashutosh Gowarikar is a fine filmmaker who has consistently strived to stretch the boundaries of mainstream Hindi cinema – recall the Oscar nominated Lagaan or the less successful but thought-provoking Swades. What’s Your Raashee is a gargantuan misstep. See it if you must.

what's your raashee movie review by daily latest news

The “What’s Your Raashee” Movie would have been a slight more manageable had it been beneath 3 hours but a time of three hours & thirty minutes looks far excessively much. If you might inquire whether to verify it out or not there are merely 2 causes to observe this astrological mistake finished by Gowariker, Priyanka Chopra & Priyanka Chopra.

The only good thing about the movie is its nice looking posters. Total time waste and money waste. I even can’t say it is one time watch; it is just half time watch. Watch it till interval and then left because no one will wait for 3 and half hour to finish the movie. It feels that Harman and Priyanka do not make a good onscreen couple. But off-screen, god knows.

trailer of what's your raashee movie

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Anonymous said...

Please please please polease dont say "Whats Your Rashee" was a flop because i really enjoyed this fim and i really wanted it to be a smash hit and im sure Priyanka jee wanted it to be aswell as they did work especially hard for this film

im really sorry if it was Priyanka Jee xoxo

Mel said...

Honestly Speaking, its really an entertaining movie. I have already watched it thrice and don't mind watching it again. The songs are good and honestly speaking after a long time i got to see something out of "PUNJABI" thing. So it was a relief. Thanks to Ashutosh.

adam said...

this is best movie , trust me .

ali said...

Ashutosh jee you are amazing, this is one of my best movie and Harman is bit like Hirtiq Roshan, belive me Priyanka jee she was also best in the movie . plz must watch this movie

Ayesha said...

The movie was great i've seen it 3 times and both of the stars acted great they look great together on screen and i really hope Hurman makes it in this one cause he he really acted natually hope the movie makes best movie of the year or sons at leat love it one of the best i've watched and will watch again

Anonymous said...

Whats Your Rashee is one of the best movies i've seen in my life all the songs are good after a while in their own ways and its just a new and different flick i love it

alan said...

its a lovely movie....